"The year 2000 is one of the most numerically important and prophetically profound years based on the Jewish calendar. Israel has been at the core of events in the 1900's including freeing of Jerusalem in WWII, the establishment of a Jewish homeland after WWII, and right up to the Persian Gulf War that was quickly redirected toward Israel.

The year 5760, which begins in September 1999, is of monumental importance. It is culmination of a sequence of 360 year cycles encompassing Abraham's birth, the exodus of Egypt, Daniel's vision of seventy/ sevens for Israel and the foundation being laid for the second temple, the desecration of the temple, and recapturing by Judas Maccabee, the Crusades against the Jews commencing at a 180 degree interval, and much more... for Eric S. Hadik's Lyke Report: Cycle of Time V..

"We have already noted that one of the largest "cycles of time" is a period of 360 years.. a complete "circle of time." This has to do with the principle that time is geometric and unfolds in cycles of time. Three hundred sixty is the most important of these since it represents a full-circle of full-cycle of time. One hundred eighty degrees, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and other breakdowns of a circle also hold importance when applied to time periods..

"This brings us to the seventh and "final" repetition of this cycle of cycles initiated with Daniel's vision and the point of this discussion.. "Seven times 360, or 2520 years, [counting] from 521 B.C. projects a decisive time period in 1999/ 2000. Since there is no "0" year between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D., the exact date to watch is 2000 A.D.. The equivalent Jewish year encompasses either September 30, 1998 through October 1999 or October 1999 through September 2000, depending on when the precise date of the vision took place.

"Is it any coincidence that the Jewish year from October 1999 through October 2000 is the year 5760? Guess what number divides perfectly into 5760? - 360! This means Daniel's vision fell perfectly on the Jewish year of 3240, the ninth cycle of 360 since the start of the Jewish calendar. So whether or not the aforementioned events on a 360-year timetable are significant, the fact remains that the prophecy and the years 1999/ 2000 are both perfect 360 revolutions is this coincidence? (Colorado Christian News, by Eric S. Hadik, April 1999)