What The Bible Has To Say About Infant Baptism



Who should be Baptized?
Only Believers.

Acts8:36-37--"What doth it hinder me to be baptized"? And Plilip said, "If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest."
Babies can't "believe"-- so that leaves out infant baptism.

How should one be baptized?
By immersion.
Romans 6:4-"Buried with Him in baptism."

When should one be baptized?
After conversion, as in the book of Acts

Acts 8:34-38-The eunuch was baptized very soon after conversion: "…he baptized him."
Acts 10:48-So were the Gentiles: "…he commanded them to be baptized…"
Acts 16:15-And Lydia "…when she was baptized and her household…"
Acts 16:33-The Philippian jailor, too: ":…and was baptized"

Why should one be baptized?
As a public testimony of our salvation, our oneness with Christ in His death and resurrection.
Acts 2:41-"then they that gladly received his word were baptized"

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