By M. H Reynolds, Editor, FEA News & Views

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES?" This catchy question is also the title of a 1978 publication of the WCC. It is an obvious attempt to answer some of the vital questions and criticisms which are being raised by those who love Jesus Christ and who value o ur cherished American freedoms. However, far from answering such questions and complaints, a discerning reader will discover that the WCC actually confirms the charges of doctrinal deviations and political radicalism,

This leaflet is written to provide factual, up-to-date information regarding the World Council of Churches. We are concerned when we find so many true, Bible-believing Christians who still hold membership in denominations which are a part of the WCC (see complete listing of USA and Canada member denominations on the last page). We also believe that others, both within and without the church, who believe in our free-enterprise system should be informed as to how ecumenical church leaders are seeking to replace capitalism with some form of socialism or communism under the false label of the Kingdom of God. All quotations given in this article are either from the above-mentioned WCC publication or from one of the official documents presented at the meeting of the WCC Central Committee held in Kingston, Jamaica, January 1-1 1, 1979, which the author of this leaflet attended as a member of the press. Thus, all information is strictly up-to-date and fully documentable.

THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES begins with its organization in 1948 with 147 denominations from both Protestant and Orthodox backgrounds. Today, it has grown to include 293 member denominations representing some 400 million people. It has been and is a major force and voice of what is commonly called ECUMENISM,A term used to describe the effort to bring all churches into "a visible unity in one faith and one eucharistic fellowship". The WCC, while admitting that the ecumenical movement is broader than its own institution, claims with ample justification that it is "the most nearly comprehensive instrument of the ecumenical movement in the world today". It should be further noted that, while the original goal of the ecumenical movement and the WCC was "the unity of the churches", the new vision of the WCC is for the unity of all religions - and, in fact, all mankind. It should be clear to all who have been watching the WCC that it has become a modern Tower of Babel.

THE DOCTRINAL POSITION OF THE WORLI) COUNCIL OF CHURCHES is deceptive. Supporters of the WCC frequently point to their doctrinal basis when charges of doctrinal heresies and deviations are leveled against the Council. But be sure to read the fine print! Be sure to observe how this doctrinal basis is either ignored or stretched beyond recognition.

THE WCC's DOCTRINAL BASIS SIMPLY SAYS: "The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of Churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures and therefore seek to fulfil together their common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit." It is hard to find anything wrong with that, right? However, two paragraphs later in this WCC publication, we read, "Since the World Council of Churches is not itself a church, it passes no judgement upon the sincerity with which member churches accept the basis." Did you get that? You can sign the WCC doctrinal basis whether or not you are sincere and no one will question it. And in the very next paragraph we read the following: "Some very conservative churches judge the basis not biblical enough; some liberal churches DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRINITARIAN FORMULA." What do you think about that? How can anyone claim to be Christian who denies the Trinity? Yet, the WCC admits it has such churches in membership. In fact, the WCC actually boasts of and glories in their doctrinal diversities. They admit that "Ecumenism exists by holding contradictions together." They admit that "it is impossible to speak of a single 'theology of the Council' as such." We remind Bible believers that such unity is not true Biblical unity - it is plain open disobedience to the Word of God. II John 9-11

WCC DOCTRINAL DEVIATIONS WERE CLEARLY OBSERVABLE from the Central Committee documents in Jamaica. For instance, note the FALSE TEACHING OF BAPTISMAL REGENERATION. One document said, "Through Baptism every person is made part of the Christian Community . . ." Again, "Through Baptism we are redeemed from the powers of sin and death and incorporated into the one body of Christ." Note also the FALSE TEACHING OF UNIVERSALISM: "Put succinctly, salvation is a total involvement of God in the world. There is no sphere of life with which human beings, as individuals, as community or as nations, have to wrestle that is not related to God. Jesus Christ is this total involvement of God. In His life, suffering, cross and resurrection, all humanity with its agonies and struggles is judged, liberated and REDEEMED. It is this Christ who has called us as Christians to follow him in God's continuing work of creation and re-creation." And again, "Christians believe that all human beings are part of a dynamic pointing towards the messianic Kingdom . . . The Biblical witness refers to this final aim as the 'Kingdom of God' which embraces the two dimensions of redemption of the whole of creation and personal fulfilment for each human being." No wonder the WCC is confused in its programs! It is confused in its doctrine!

THE POLITICAL RADICALISM OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES is apparent. Just as in the case of doctrinal diversities, the WCC boasts of its ability to hold together exact opposites in the realm of politics. They say, "On other issues the churches recognize strong differences of opinion and seek to maintain a continuing dialogue among their own members. These differences are not limited to trivial matters. For example, THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES INCLUDES PACIFIST MEMBER CHURCHES…. IT ALSO INCLUDES REVOLUTIONARIES. Both groups contribute insights to the WCC, They continue to try to influence each other. And the WCC INCLUDES BOTH WITHIN ITS FELLOWSHIP. There you have it. Do not forget for one minute, however, that when WCC leaders speak and WCC pronouncements are issued IT IS ALWAYS THE VOICE OF RADICALISM AND REVOLUTION THAT IS HEARD. There are repeated attacks upon "Western Imperialism" and "capitalism" but seldom a word of criticism for socialism and communism. Noncommunist dictatorships are repeatedly attacked but no word is ever spoken against the communist dictators. A few conservative voices are occasionally heard within WCC meetings - but these rarely, if ever, become a part of the official statements which go to the governments of the world and to the United Nations as a "representative voice of the churches". Those who claim that the WCC is becoming more "evangelical" are either blind or naive. Evangelicals who remain in the WCC are being used as window dressing to hide the WCC apostasy,

IN JAMAICA, A PRIME TOPIC OF DISCUSSION WAS THE $85,000 GRANT TO THE PATRIOTIC FRONT OF ZIMBABWE (actually a communist guerilla group). The Salvation Army, the Irish Presbyterian Church and a Lutheran Church in Germany have all suspended membership in protest. Both the secular and religious press waited for some explanation, some justification of this atrocious grant to a group which has boasted of murdering missionaries and shooting down a commercial airplane. But all the press really got from the WCC was a charge that the news media had misrepresented and falsified the situation. The WCC Central Committee stood behind its PCR Commission which had recommended the grant and the executive officers who approved it. They concluded by saying that "although the adverse image and understanding of the PCH needs to be changed, the content and thrust of the PCR itself should not be changed." Incidentally, PCR is the abbreviation for the WCC's "Program to Combat Racism" - but in reality, it should be called the "Program to Continue Revolution". Over three million dollars has been given to radical groups around the world. While it is claimed that all monies in this fund come from designated gifts, this program could not operate without the administrative offices and support of the WCC. Those who remain in membership in WCC affiliated churches cannot be absolved from responsibility for giving this aid to the revolutionaries around the world.

THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES IS FULLY COMMITTED TO THE CREATION OF ANEW SOCIETY based on socialistic principles and deceitfully called "7ne Kingdom of God". They state: "The participation of the Church in the creation of a new society is not a secondary or derivative dimension of its existence. It begins at the very centre in the celebration of the sacraments as an anticipation of what the world is to become . . . ." Dr. Philip Potter, WCC General Secretary, quoted from a 1969 WCC Central Committee directive as follows: "We call upon the churches to move beyond charity, grants and traditional programming to relevant and sacrificial action leading to new relationships of dignity and justice among all men and to become THE AGENTS FOR THE RADICAL RECONSTRUCTION OF SOCIETY." He also made it perfectly clear what this involved when he said, "But the conflict has become intense when it has been perceived that A RADICAL CHANGE OF ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL STRUCTURES ARE NEEDED AND NOT THE MERE PRUDENTIAL TRANSFER OF RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGIES." Another WCC document stated: "in the developed countries it means changes in the production structure and employment policies which will ONLY BE POSSIBLE THROUGH A CERTAIN 'SOCIALIZATION' of decisions that have so far been taken autonomously on the basis of interests of the private sector." MR. BUSINESSMAN, MR. and MRS, FREEDOM-LOVING AMERICAN - the World Council of Churches has made it abundantly clear what their goal is! Are you willing to sit idly by or even help support this effort to destroy the very foundations of our faith and freedom?

THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES SUBSTITUTES DIALOGUE FOR WITNESSING. Having substituted the building of a new society in place of the preaching of the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, it is not surprising that the WCC should forsake "witness" for "dialogue" even while claiming that dialogue is a form of witness, In recent years, theWCC has been engaged in official dialogues with almost everyone. Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Humanists, Traditional African Religions and Communists. As previously noted, the original goal of "Christian unity" has been superseded with the goal of the "unity of all mankind". They say, "opportunities and occasions for dialogue cannot and must not be confined to men of religious faiths but also must involve men of secular ideologies." This dialogue program is attractively presented as the WCC claims: "Dialogue offers the promise of discovering new dimensions of understanding our faith." One repeatedly is told of how dialogue "enriches dimensions of understanding our faith" but strangely, nothing is ever said about proclaiming the truth of the gospel in such a way that men "turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God."

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE THAT DIALOGUE IS INDEED ONE OF THE GREAT DANGERS AND DECEPTIONS BEING PRACTICED AND ENCOURAGED BY THE WCC. What is dialogue? According to their own definition, dialogue is, ". . . an OPENING OF THE MIND AND HEART TO OTHERS. It is an undertaking which requires RISK as well as a deep sense of vocation . . . . THIS OPENING, THIS RISK, this vocation, this sensitivity are at the heart of the ecumenical movement and in the deepest currents of the life of the churches." Further, the WCC says, "Love requires us to recognize and respect the integrity of our partners who enter into dialogue from the standpoint of their faith and commitment." This is exactly the opposite of Biblical teaching. God says, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them." Ephesians 5:1 1. The WCC tells us that dialogue is a required form of witness in a pluralistic world, yet they take special pains to assure their partners in dialogue that they "come not as manipulators but as genuine fellow-pilgrims .. . ." The WCC principle of dialogue implies that the Christian is a searcher for truth rather than a proclaimer of the Truth. The WCC says, "Be open, be vulnerable, take a risk." The Word of God says, "Beware!" "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15. Will you follow Christ or the WCC?

THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES AND THE UNITED NATIONS continue their close ties. In fact, we might call them "blood brothers". There were repeated favorable references to all sorts of UN programs in the Central Committee Documents at Jamaica - The New International Economic Order, the New International Information Order, the World Health Organization, the World Court, UNESCO, etc, It was reported that "an intervention was made on behalf of the WCC in the Security Council debate on South Africa in March 1977." It was stated that they were seeking "to sensitize churches, inviting them to lobby with their governments . . . as well as to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." The WCC issued a special document promoting the UN sponsored International Year of the Child, totally ignoring the fact that even though this appeal is made with the image of starving children in mind, the real thrust of this program is toward socialization of the child and the family. Individual believers and churches that are opposed to the philosophy and program of the UN should realize that it is not their voice which is heard in places of power and decision - it is the voice of the false prophets in the WCC that prevail and speak for you whether you like it or not.

THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES stands for DISARMAMENT and against U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY. The WCC is geared for a massive propaganda effort against our historic concept of national security. They want complete and unilateral disarmament - and they want it now. But it is ironic that at the very time the WCC is attacking America and the nations of the Free World for wanting to maintain national security, they are insisting on national sovereignty and security for the many new nations and governments which have been formed through communist revolutions. Following the WCC "Program for Disarmament and Against Militarism and the Arms Race" would leave America defenseless against her enemies. Yet, the Central Committee in Jamaica said that the churches should give "the highest priority" to implementation of this program. But if you read the entire document, you find that the WCC has taken this strong position in spite of the admission that they have not fully explored the underlying theological issues, They say, "These two meetings ... have underlined the need for more substantial work on the theological issues involved. They have posed questions rather than providing answers." What dangerous hypocrisy and liberal bias this reveals. Americans should remember that nations which lose their freedom rarely have a second chance.

THE CONFUSION, DOUBLE-TALK AND CONTRADICTIONS IN FACT OF THE WCC ARE CLEARLY VISIBLE TO ANYONE WHO WILL TAKE THE TIME TO STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! As the years have slipped by with little progress toward the goal of "one visible church", their frustrations have been manifested in the use of clever language to hide their failures. Instead of "One Church" we hear talk of "conciliar fellowship" and "unity in reconciled diversity" and trying to "relate the right kind of diversity to the right kind of unity." Through the years, they have followed the old ecumenical motto, "Service Unites, Doctrine Divides". But in spite of their wish to ignore doctrine, the issue continues to re-appear. At times, WCC leaders introduce new word games or "theological breakthroughs" which they announce with a great fanfare, seeking to revive the hopes of their disillusioned followers.

THE LATEST "BRIGHT SPOT" ON THE WCC's THEOLOGICAL HORIZON is the idea that while they may not all be able to agree on the content of their faith, they can all agree that there is HOPE. The problem is that they cannot even agree on what that HOPE is. One of the WCC documents at Jamaica said, "The difference between the hopes expressed from different parts of the world - Africa, Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe -diverged so widely that ONE WAS TEMPTED TO ASK WHETHER THEY WERE SPEAKING OF THE SAME HOPE or indeed whether they can even give a common account of hope." But they went on to state, "Yet, the common attempt itself has become a source of hope." How sad it is that those in the WCC are ignoring the Bible which tells us plainly that our hope our only hope - is the return of Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13. How sad it is that they ignore the teaching of Scripture that the Kingdom of God is not some socialistic kingdom established through the efforts of man, but a perfect and righteous Kingdom to be set up by our Lord Jesus Christ in spite of and apart from any effort of man to either thwart or aid the establishment of that Kingdom. Daniel 2:44. Revelation 19:13-16.

AT THE VERY HEART OF THE WHOLE MATTER IS THE FAILURE OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES TO ACCEPT THE BIBLE as the authoritative, infallible, inerrant, eternal, unchangeable Word of God. Note the following: "In the WCC we experience both the possibility for common confession of faith and worship together and also the obstacles to Christian unity. We are agreed in giving vital place in our thinking to bible study and worship, we are able to worship our one Lord in the very different way of the churches represented among us. YET WE ARE ALSO AWARE OF PROBLEMS CONCERNING THE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE REMAINING UNSOLVED AMONG US and of the fact that we are not yet part of one eucharistic fellowship. It is not surprising therefore that there is controversy among Christians about the meditative use (rather than simply the intellectual study) of the holy books of other faiths and about the QUESTION OF COMMON WORSHIP BETWEEN THOSE OF DIFFERENT FAITHS." One speaker said, "The document on Hope coming out of Bangalore had succeeded in bringing out the fruitful tension between doctrinal unity and union in radical involvement in human hopes. But it has not settled the underlying question." What is that underlying question? "The problem is no longer the problem of loving one another, but the problem of understanding the faith." The doctrinal basis of the WCC is an empty shell - a front to deceive the unwary. Only by accepting God's Word as our only, absolute and final authority can we enter into true unity with those who truly belong to Christ - and at the same time be fully separated from those who appear as angels of light but are in reality the servants of Satan.

MANY OTHER PROGRAMS AND FACETS OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES could be helpfully presented and documented if space permitted. Take Roman Catholicism for example. The WCC has grown so close to the Roman Catholic Church that they now say, "The days of winning converts from each other are over . . . ." Take the question of communism. You will never find the WCC to be anti-communist. In fact, they state plainly, "The story of primitive anti-communism and anti-communist crusades in the Christian Church is a long and sad one." Red Agents and Communist puppet church leaders sit, work and propagandize at all levels of the WCC organization. The WCC and the NCC have been decisive forces in preparing the way for the shameful U.S. recognition of Red China. Though denying charges of pro-communism, the WCC track record is a long and consistent testimony to the fact that they are one of communism's strongest and best allies. The WCC is doing everything possible to indoctrinate young people into the radical, revolutionary ecumenical philosophy. It was reported that four young people, including one WCC staff person, attended the "11th World Festival of Youth and Students" in Cuba in 1978. They reported a "warm and wholehearted welcome from the Cuban people and the freedom to move around the island and to talk to the people." And what was the purpose of this meeting? They said, "These meetings provided opportunities for the Christian Youth to discuss the issues of the festival and the meaning of Christian commitment today, AS WELL AS TO EXPRESS SOLIDARITY IN THE STRUGGLES FOR JUSTICE AND AGAINST IMPERIALISM IN THE WORLD TODAY. "Is there any talk of struggling against Communism? Oh, no, it is only against Imperialism!

THE NEXT THREE YEARS WILL BE CRITICAL YEARS FOR THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, largely because of severe financial problems. The fact that most of the WCC money comes from the USA, coupled with the devaluation of the dollar in comparison with the Swiss Franc, means that the WCC is faced with what one leader called "The moment of truth in WCC finances". To avoid drastic and immediate cut-backs of staff and programs, they approved deficit spending for the next three years, drawing on reserves or even borrowing if necessary. Financing is apparently already in hand or in view to proceed with their big conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 12-24, 1979, on the theme, "FAITH, SCIENCE AND THE FUTURE" and their big missionary-evangelism conference to be held in Melbourne, Australia, May 12-25, 1980, on the theme "YOUR KINGDOM COME". The 1979 conference will seek to join religion and science to further socialism and the 1980 meeting will promote socialism in the name of the Kingdom of God.

IF ONLY GOD'S PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP AND SEE HOW THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES IS USING THE CHURCHES TO DESTROY THE VERY FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH AND FREEDOM, what a difference it could make! If only God's people would immediately withhold support and withdraw membership from the WCC and then begin attending and supporting only those churches that refuse to compromise with the ecumenical apostasy, what a difference it would make! Further loss of support now could be critical for the WCC. Are you one of those who are supporting the WCC by your finances and membership even while decrying its heretical, radical programs? If so, why not obey God - COME OUT AND BE SEPARATE (11 Corinthians 6:14-18) and join hands with those who are willing to stand up and speak out for our God-given liberties which enable us to preach the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ instead of a socialist revolution.


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