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 Vatican Design Exposed
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 History of the Papacy
I The Origin of the Papacy
II Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Supremacy
III Rise and Progress of the Temporal Sovereignty
IV Rise and Progress of the Temporal Supremacy
V Foundation and Extent of the Supremacy
VI The Canon Law
VII That the Church of Rome Neither Has Nor Can Change Her Principles on the Head of the Supremacy
 Dogmas of the Papacy
I The Popish Theology
II Scripture and Tradition
III Of Reading the Scriptures
IV The Unity of the Church of Rome
V The Catholicity of the Church of Rome
VI Apostolicity, or Peter's Primacy
VII Infallibility
VIII No Salvation Out of the Church of Rome
IX Of Original Sin
X Of Justification
XI The Sacraments
XII Baptism and Confirmation
XIII The Eucharist--Transubsantiation--The Mass
XIV Of Penance and Confession
XV Of Indulgences
XVI Of Purgatory
XVII Of the Worship of Images
XVIII Of the Worshipping of Saints
XIX Of Worship of the Virgin Mary
XX Faith Not to be Kept with Heretics
 The Genius and Influence of the Papacy 
I The Genius of the Papacy
II Influence of Popery on the Individual Man
III The Influence of Popery on Government
IV Influence of Popery on the Morals and Religious Condition of Nations
V Influence of Popery on the Social and Political Condition of Nations
 Present Policy and Prospects of the Papacy
I Sham Reformation and Real Re-action
II New Catholic League, and Threatened Crusade against Protestantism.
III General Propagandism.
IV Prospects of the Papacy.

6000 Year Overview: Satan's Effort To Hinder God's Plan
Written By Ed Tarkowski

A Look At The Past, Present And Future Of
The "Church's" Part In Birthing The Corporate Christ
Written By Ed Tarkowski

These files were written in the midst of refuting the Toronto Experience in the mid-1990s while the Church of Rome proliferated its efforts to unite all of Christianity under its leadership. Mixing these elements with the celebration of God's feasts, a Global Church is now headed for disaster thinking they will bring the Kingdom of God to a fallen earth without the visible, bodily presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These files will tell you how the "Church" got where it is today and the ramifications of that in the Year 2000 Christmas/Eucharistic celebrations. The two documents are similar in places, but together form a complete picture of my research. I believe they are important to have an understanding of what will hit the spiritual world in the Year 2000-Ed Tarkowski

LAUGHING PHENOMENA: Its History And Possible Effects On The Church (1994)

The above talks were formed in part from my original series, "Laughing Phenomena: Its History And Possible Effects On The Church." Here are those original files which contain more information on how the church was set up for the apostasy:

Part I: From South Africa To St. Louis To Toronto To Your Church
Part II: The Impregnation Of The Church: The Man-Child Of Joy
Part III: The Abrahamic Covenant And Joyous Feast Of Tabernacles
Part IV: Laughing: Deeper Realities
Part V: The Consummation: Where Are We Headed?
Part VI: The End Of The Birth Pangs

Idolatry In The Bible And The Catholic Church
By Ed Tarkowski

Part 1: Old Testament Images
Part 2: The Meaning Of God's Commandment
Part 3: Images And Their Dynamic
Part 4: The Iconoclast Movement
Part 5: The Catholic Defense For The Use Of Images
Part 6: Images And Their Manifestations
Part 7: Modern Manifestations And End Times

'Mary': Queen Of Blasphemies
A Look At "Mary's" Past In The Light Of God's Word
By Ed Tarkowski

Part One: Why Mary Is Called The Queen Of Mercy
Part Two: Why Mary Is Called Our Mother
Part Three: Why Mary Is Called Our Life, Our Sweetness