-by Andrew Strom.


This week we re-published Bryan Hupperts' classic word - "RETAKING the SHIP." It is all about Jesus taking back control of His wayward church. I believe we have now entered this very hour. We are going to see Jesus violently re-take His church - and I believe He will use the 'word of the Lord' to do it. -Prophets and messengers speaking a piercing, "shaking" word. God will take back His own Body with great violence. This 'Shaking' has already begun.

I am sorry to be so "blunt" in this email, but I believe that these things sadly need to be cried aloud.

Here is the sad truth of the matter: We are about to find out if today's "top apostles and prophets" are the real thing or not. If so then God will defend them. If not, He will take them down. He cannot have His church guided by blind shepherds. There has been a lot of "presumption" in the Body. The title of "apostle" has been claimed too readily by too many. This is utter arrogance if it is not by God's specific command. We are about to find out who gained their title and position by "presumption" and who is the real deal.

I believe we saw the beginning of this at Lakeland. Just a few weeks after the top "apostles and prophets" of the Charismatic world got up on stage to endorse that movement, we saw the entire thing begin to crumble and fall apart - to the great embarrassment of all. Do I believe that God deliberately waited for those big leaders to endorse that thing before pulling the rug out from under it in such a public way? -Yes, I do. I believe He was showing that a lot of these men and women have very little discernment - and simply do not belong as leaders over His church. It is the first time I have ever seen God turn on His own leadership like that, and I believe it is only the beginning. We are about to see a whole lot more. God is coming to set order in His house.

"Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: but David waxed stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker..." (2 Sam 3:1).

This is exactly what we now see playing out, I believe. It is the very process prophesied in the scripture- "The kingdom shall be taken from you and given to another, bringing forth the fruits thereof". God will not have blind shepherds leading His sheep into disaster after disaster, fiasco after fiasco. He has had enough of deception holding sway over His church. This "changing of the guard" is going to take place at every level - from local right up to international. Watch for it. It is already underway.

The time has come for the good shepherds - the "Davids" to arise - prepared for years in the wilderness for this time. From now on, expect to see the house of David grow stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul to grow weaker and weaker. The Lord Himself is taking the field - to fight on behalf of Truth. And woe betide those who stand in His way.

So what about you, my friend? Are you willing to take part in this process of Jesus taking back His Church? Do you realize that it is through the 'word of the Lord' that He will be doing this? Are you willing to be a mouthpiece for the King? Do you have the "daring" that is required?

If ever there was a saying that applies to this situation it is this- "WHO DARES WINS." I have written about this before. Such boldness is simply a "must" for the hour we are in. Will you be such a one who DARES, my friend? The hour for reckless courage is upon us. Your long years of preparation have not been in vain. Stand up and speak the word!

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God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.

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