Francis Bacon and the King James Bible

April 19, 2006

I'd like to start out by reading from some of the works of King James himself. He was a prolific writer. He was an excellent writer and you will see as I read from his book he was a student of the scriptures. He took his role as the head of the Church of England very seriously and he had a Pastor's heart.

I'm going to start by reading from his book, "Demonology," The way I found out about this book was not from any Christian sources but from reading Francis Bacon's book, "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment." Lo and behold in that book he refers to King James actually wrote a book. We went looking for this book and found out that the only copy in print was published by "Wicca." That was very curious to us so we ordered several copies and I just want to start out by reading from the back cover which we ordered from the Dolphin House, which is the school of Wicca. Here is what they had to say about this book and the reason they published it. "This book was used by many as an excuse to torture, maim and kill many women. James became convinced at the Danish Court that Witchcraft was real and that the central source of the witches' power was a demonic pact. James focused attention on Witchcraft because his underlying fear was that magical means might be used to end his life as the Divine ordained King of Scotland.

After his return from the Continent in 1519 he became intensely interested in sorcery and Witchcraft trials, particularly the trial of his political enemy Boswell. Witches were vigorously hunted and prosecuted to such an extent that some villages had no females left in them. Now this is of course not true, I'm continuing with the statement about James, "the period ends with a publication of
Of this 'Demonology' in 1597. Because of the effect of Demonology on the ruling classes more trials were now held with the Kings approval and very many more convictions were obtained.

This book therefore should be in every true witches library at the very least as a monument to those who died. That was the statement of the School of Wicca on their reason for publishing this book. This book of course is no longer in print and the School of Wicca has stopped publishing it. Probably because about seven or eight years ago when I discovered the book, my colleague and I and also another ministry that began to publish the contents of this book on their website called, King James His Majesty and First and it's a very good website and now they've taken it off the market. It's impossible to obtain. It is available on my website and on the other website,

If you type into the search engine, His Majesty, King James 6th and 1st, you will come on this website. There is a ton of very excellent information about King James the man, and about all of his roles and responsibilities. There are also some of the writings of Steven Coston, who wrote a book refuting all of the lies about King James being a homosexual. There's also a very good article
by Steven Coston called 'The Insult to Indictment." The critical case against James the 6th and 1st critiqued with references to primal British law, the Royal prerogative in English Jurisprudence and this dealt with James relationship to the law in Great Britain that was already in place when he became King and Steven Coston writes, "We now come to a naval charge namely that James the 6th and the 1st was a sadist because of his persecution of witches as his detractors affirm. Another wards, asking the question, "Was James a sadist?" and he says 'absolutely not.' James took his lawful role as head of the Anglican Church seriously. Witchcraft was condemned by both Scottish and English law and the penalty was death. James 6th of Scotland and 1st of
England exercised this judgment many times. Then he states in parenthesis, "thou shot not suffer a witch to live.' It's a Biblical injunction Ex 22:18. King James was enforcing the law as it was already on the books in England and Scotland at the time.

I'm going to read some portions from his book on Demonology. It was a treaty on demonology. James took the Scriptures very seriously and his role as the Head of the Church of England very seriously. Through his book he was being obedient to God's command in Eph 5:11 'have no fellowship with the unfaithful works of darkness but rather reprove them'. Expose them.
Through this book on Demonology he proceeded to expose the hidden works of darkness to his subjects.

Witchcraft was very strong in Scotland over several centuries because of the presences of the Knights Templars and Druids in that country and James had to deal with that criminal element in Scotland and this is actually when he wrote the book on Demonology as King of Scotland before he even ascended the throne of England.

I'm going to read the chapter headings from this book. As I read this book I thought, why does not a treatus on witchcraft exist in our own country. Why don't the Pastors expose these unfruitful works of darkness so that the Christians are informed and know what the Scriptures say about them and how to avoid and recognize them. This lack of fulfilling of their responsibility as Pastors has lead to widespread ignorance of occultism. It is virtually ignored in the pulpit today and so when Gnosticism and occultism creep into the Church not only have they crept in but there is an occult invasion of the church of these false doctrines and practices. Christians are disarmed. They don't even recognize it.

King James wanted his subjects to be educated on this so that they would recognize it and repudiate it. I'm going to read the Chapter Headings and some of the excerpts from this very excellent book written by King James. It's written in three books. The first book is "Description of Magic. " That's what is dealt with in the first book. Chapter one "Proven by the Scripture that these unlawful art of this sort have been and may be put into practice. This is written in the form of a dialogue. Philomathes and Papistes Masses reasoned the matter. Chapter Two, "What kind of sin these practitioners commit," Remember this is written in Elizabethan English so it's a bit difficult to pronounce a lot of this but I'll do my best. Continuing with Chapter Two, " The Division of these Occult Arts and what are the means that allures any to practice them." Chapter Three "the signification and Etymologies of the words Magic Necromancy. The difference between Necromancy and Witchcraft? What are the entrances and beginnings that brings any to the knowledge thereof." Chapter Four, the description of the Rudiments and School which are the entrances to the art of Magic and especially the differences between Astronomy and Astrology, the division of Astrology and diverse parts. I just want to interject that the difference between our Christian leaders preaching on the differences on Astrology and Astronomy, now we have them promoting Astrology and Astronomy. Christians are unaware that what they are learning is Astrology as in the book by DJ Kennedy on the real meaning of the Zodiac, Continuing with the Chapters on the King James book of Demonology, Chapter Five on how the using of Charms is lawful or unlawful, the descriptions of the forms of circles and conjurations and what causes the magicians themselves to wary of. Chapter Six, the Devils contract with the Magician, the division thereof in two parts. What is the difference between God's miracles and the Devils? Chapter Seven, the Reason why the Art of Magic is unlawful. What punishment they merit and who may be accounted guilty of that crime.

Moving ahead to the second book deals with the description of sorcery and witchcraft, Chapter One, proved by the scripture that such a thing can be and the reasons refuted of all such an imagination and melancholy humor. Here he's refuting those who say witchcraft doesn't really exist; it's all just a psychological abrogation which is the idea that is promoted today from the pulpit I think that demon possession is just a mental disorder. Chapter Two the Etymology and Signification of that word Sorcery, the first entrance and apprenticeship of them that give themselves to that craft. Other words how you get involved in this form of witchcraft. Chapter Three, What are ways possible whereby the witches may transport themselves to places far distant and what are the possible and mere illusions of Satan and the reasons thereof? Another wards out of body experiences, I'm explaining, and what they really are. What these witches are really doing. Chapter Five, The Witches Actions towards others. In this chapter I'm quoting King James, he says "these witches on the other part being enticed either for the desire of revenge or of worldly riches. Their whole practices are either to hurt men and their goods or what they possess for satisfying of their cruel minds in the former or else in the rack of whatsoever sort of any one whom God will let them have the power of to satisfy their greedy desire in the last point. So these witches do harm to people either out of revenge or out of greed and he discusses their various motivations. Continuing with Chapter Five, the headings, why there are more women of that craft then men and what things are possible to them that effectuate by the power of their master, meaning the devil, and the reasons thereof. What is the surest remedy of the harm done by them? Chapter Six. What sort of folks is least or most subject to receive harm from witchcraft? What power they have to harm their Magistrate. By Magistrate he's referring to the King. Their wicked devices and Satan's wicked devices would certainly be directed towards the King and also the fact that these witches and sorcerers and occultists are a seditious element within any society. They seek to overthrow the King and the Government and to put their own people in power.

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