Francis Bacon and the King James Bible

April 19, 2006 Transcript of radio program by Barbara Aho Watch Unto Prayer

Part 2


I'd like to start out by reading from some of the works of King James himself. He was a prolific writer. He was an excellent writer and you will see as I read from his book he was a student of the scriptures. He took his role as the head of the Church of England very seriously and he had a Pastor's heart.

I'm going to start by reading from his book, "Demonology," The way I found out about this book was not from any Christian sources but from reading Francis Bacon's book, "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment." Lo and behold in that book he refers to King James actually wrote a book. We went looking for this book and found out that the only copy in print was published by "Wicca." That was very curious to us so we ordered several copies and I just want to start out by reading from the back cover which we ordered from the Dolphin House, which is the school of Wicca. Here is what they had to say about this book and the reason they published it. "This book was used by many as an excuse to torture, maim and kill many women. James became convinced at the Danish Court that Witchcraft was real and that the central source of the witches' power was a demonic pact. James focused attention on Witchcraft because his underlying fear was that magical means might be used to end his life as the Divine ordained King of Scotland.

After his return from the Continent in 1519 he became intensely interested in sorcery and Witchcraft trials, particularly the trial of his political enemy Boswell. Witches were vigorously hunted and prosecuted to such an extent that some villages had no females left in them. Now this is of course not true, I'm continuing with the statement about James, "the period ends with a publication of
Of this 'Demonology' in 1597. Because of the effect of Demonology on the ruling classes more trials were now held with the Kings approval and very many more convictions were obtained.

This book therefore should be in every true witches library at the very least as a monument to those who died. That was the statement of the School of Wicca on their reason for publishing this book. This book of course is no longer in print and the School of Wicca has stopped publishing it. Probably because about seven or eight years ago when I discovered the book, my colleague and I and also another ministry that began to publish the contents of this book on their website called, King James His Majesty and First and it's a very good website and now they've taken it off the market. It's impossible to obtain. It is available on my website and on the other website,

If you type into the search engine, His Majesty, King James 6th and 1st, you will come on this website. There is a ton of very excellent information about King James the man, and about all of his roles and responsibilities. There are also some of the writings of Steven Coston, who wrote a book refuting all of the lies about King James being a homosexual. There's also a very good article
by Steven Coston called 'The Insult to Indictment." The critical case against James the 6th and 1st critiqued with references to primal British law, the Royal prerogative in English Jurisprudence and this dealt with James relationship to the law in Great Britain that was already in place when he became King and Steven Coston writes, "We now come to a naval charge namely that James the 6th and the 1st was a sadist because of his persecution of witches as his detractors affirm. Another wards, asking the question, "Was James a sadist?" and he says 'absolutely not.' James took his lawful role as head of the Anglican Church seriously. Witchcraft was condemned by both Scottish and English law and the penalty was death. James 6th of Scotland and 1st of
England exercised this judgment many times. Then he states in parenthesis, "thou shot not suffer a witch to live.' It's a Biblical injunction Ex 22:18. King James was enforcing the law as it was already on the books in England and Scotland at the time.

I'm going to read some portions from his book on Demonology. It was a treaty on demonology. James took the Scriptures very seriously and his role as the Head of the Church of England very seriously. Through his book he was being obedient to God's command in Eph 5:11 'have no fellowship with the unfaithful works of darkness but rather reprove them'. Expose them.
Through this book on Demonology he proceeded to expose the hidden works of darkness to his subjects.

Witchcraft was very strong in Scotland over several centuries because of the presences of the Knights Templars and Druids in that country and James had to deal with that criminal element in Scotland and this is actually when he wrote the book on Demonology as King of Scotland before he even ascended the throne of England.

I'm going to read the chapter headings from this book. As I read this book I thought, why does not a treatus on witchcraft exist in our own country. Why don't the Pastors expose these unfruitful works of darkness so that the Christians are informed and know what the Scriptures say about them and how to avoid and recognize them. This lack of fulfilling of their responsibility as Pastors has lead to widespread ignorance of occultism. It is virtually ignored in the pulpit today and so when Gnosticism and occultism creep into the Church not only have they crept in but there is an occult invasion of the church of these false doctrines and practices. Christians are disarmed. They don't even recognize it.

King James wanted his subjects to be educated on this so that they would recognize it and repudiate it. I'm going to read the Chapter Headings and some of the excerpts from this very excellent book written by King James. It's written in three books. The first book is "Description of Magic. " That's what is dealt with in the first book. Chapter one "Proven by the Scripture that these unlawful art of this sort have been and may be put into practice. This is written in the form of a dialogue. Philomathes and Papistes Masses reasoned the matter. Chapter Two, "What kind of sin these practitioners commit," Remember this is written in Elizabethan English so it's a bit difficult to pronounce a lot of this but I'll do my best. Continuing with Chapter Two, " The Division of these Occult Arts and what are the means that allures any to practice them." Chapter Three "the signification and Etymologies of the words Magic Necromancy. The difference between Necromancy and Witchcraft? What are the entrances and beginnings that brings any to the knowledge thereof." Chapter Four, the description of the Rudiments and School which are the entrances to the art of Magic and especially the differences between Astronomy and Astrology, the division of Astrology and diverse parts. I just want to interject that the difference between our Christian leaders preaching on the differences on Astrology and Astronomy, now we have them promoting Astrology and Astronomy. Christians are unaware that what they are learning is Astrology as in the book by DJ Kennedy on the real meaning of the Zodiac, Continuing with the Chapters on the King James book of Demonology, Chapter Five on how the using of Charms is lawful or unlawful, the descriptions of the forms of circles and conjurations and what causes the magicians themselves to wary of. Chapter Six, the Devils contract with the Magician, the division thereof in two parts. What is the difference between God's miracles and the Devils? Chapter Seven, the Reason why the Art of Magic is unlawful. What punishment they merit and who may be accounted guilty of that crime.

Moving ahead to the second book deals with the description of sorcery and witchcraft, Chapter One, proved by the scripture that such a thing can be and the reasons refuted of all such an imagination and melancholy humor. Here he's refuting those who say witchcraft doesn't really exist; it's all just a psychological abrogation which is the idea that is promoted today from the pulpit I think that demon possession is just a mental disorder. Chapter Two the Etymology and Signification of that word Sorcery, the first entrance and apprenticeship of them that give themselves to that craft. Other words how you get involved in this form of witchcraft. Chapter Three, What are ways possible whereby the witches may transport themselves to places far distant and what are the possible and mere illusions of Satan and the reasons thereof? Another wards out of body experiences, I'm explaining, and what they really are. What these witches are really doing. Chapter Five, The Witches Actions towards others. In this chapter I'm quoting King James, he says "these witches on the other part being enticed either for the desire of revenge or of worldly riches. Their whole practices are either to hurt men and their goods or what they possess for satisfying of their cruel minds in the former or else in the rack of whatsoever sort of any one whom God will let them have the power of to satisfy their greedy desire in the last point. So these witches do harm to people either out of revenge or out of greed and he discusses their various motivations. Continuing with Chapter Five, the headings, why there are more women of that craft then men and what things are possible to them that effectuate by the power of their master, meaning the devil, and the reasons thereof. What is the surest remedy of the harm done by them? Chapter Six. What sort of folks is least or most subject to receive harm from witchcraft? What power they have to harm their Magistrate. By Magistrate he's referring to the King. Their wicked devices and Satan's wicked devices would certainly be directed towards the King and also the fact that these witches and sorcerers and occultists are a seditious element within any society. They seek to overthrow the King and the Government and to put their own people in power.

Continuing with Chapter Six, the Chapter heading "and upon what respects they have any power in prison and to what end may or will the devil appear to them in prison. Upon what respects the devil appears in sundry shapes to sundry of them at any time." Chapter Seven in Book Two. "Two forms of the Devils visible conversing in the earth with the reasons therefore one of them communist in the time of the Papacy,: meaning the time when the Catholic Church had total domination over western civilization and the other, it's hard to make out some of these words, 'sincinne', those that deny the Devil denies the Power of God and are guilty of the error of the adduces.

The Third book, the description of all these kinds of sprites or spirits that troubles men and women. The conclusion of the whole dialogue. Chapter One the Chapter heading is the division of spirits in four principal kinds. The description of the first kind of them called spectra and umbre mororatum? What is the best way to be free of their trouble? Chapter Two "the description of the next two kinds of spirits whereof the one follows outwardly and the other possesses inwardly the persons that they trouble. Another wards, he's talking about demon oppression which is external demon possession which is internal. Continuing that since all prophecies and visions are now ceased all spirits that appear in these forms are evil. Another wards he's telling his subjects not to trust in any apparitions of any kind because we now have the Word of God and the Word of God who formally spoke through his prophets and dreams and visions now has spoken to us through his Son as the Book of Hebrews informs us.

Chapter Three, the description of a particular sort of that kind of following spirits called "incabe and suckabee" and what is the reason wherefore these kinds of spirits haunt the northern and the barbarous parts of the world. Chapter Four of the third book,
"The Description of the Demoniac and the Possessed, by what reason the Papists may have power to cure them." Another wards he goes into why the Roman Catholic exorcist seemingly were able to exercise these demons. I just want to read what he says about this, "Few who are possessed indeed, are fully cured by them but rather the Devil is content to release the body hurting of them for a short space thereby to obtain the perpetual hurt of the souls of so many that by these false miracles maybe induced or confirmed in the profession of that erroneous religion. So although the Catholic Church ostensibly could deliver some people from demon possession that the Devil may have allowed that in order to keep them enslaved in a false religious system. James says elsewhere that he is no Papist. He calls it a false religion in no uncertain terms.

Chapter Five of the Third Book of Demonology, "the description of the fourth kind of spirits called fairy", meaning fairies. "What is possible therein and what is illusions, How far this dialogue entreats of all these things and to what end. The Final Chapter of the Final Book of the Demonology of the Trial and Punishment of Witches. What sort of accusations ought to be admitted against them?" I'm going to read a portion of this so that the reader can understand that King James was not sadist. He was not out torturing witches for the sake of getting rid of his enemies and going on witch hunts. He speaks for himself how a Godly King is simply carrying out what the law of the land had mandated in Great Britain before he became the King of Scotland and England.

James writes of these witches," they ought to be put to death according to the law of God, the civil and imperial law and municipal law of all Christian nations. The Prince Magistrate for further trials cause may continue the punishing of them as such a certain space as he thinks convenient but in the end to spare the life and not to strike when God bids strike and so feverishly punish and so odious a fault and treason against God. It is not only unlawful but doubtless sin in that magistrate nor was it in Sauls sparing of Agag". Another wards, when God commands it the King has to carry out the law of the land and the law of God and not be like Saul who spared Agag, the King of the Amalikites and so was guilty of rebellion. I'm continuing to quote King James "and so comparable to the sin of witchcraft as Samuel alleged at that time. Judges ought to beware whom they condemn for it is as great a crime as Solomon say as to condemn the innocent as to let the guilty escape free. Proverb 17, "Neither ought to report of anyone infamous person be admitted for sufficient proof which can stand of no law." Finally, what is the cause of their increasing in this age. King James answers, "but the causes are over manifest that makes them to sow brief for the great wickedness of the people on the one part procures this horrible defection where by God justly punishes sin by a greater iniquity and on the other part the consummation of the world and our deliverance during near maketh Satan to rage the more in his instrument knowing his kingdom to be so near and end. He's quoting Revelation 12. He's saying that the sin was so rife in Scotland that witchcraft was prospering in that land and also he seemed to recognize that the end of the age was drawing near and that Satan's time was short and that he was in a rage against God and mankind and trying to draw as many into his net as possible.

That is basically an overview of the Demonology. There is very interesting information in this little book on how to recognize the work of witchcraft and how to avoid that snare and what these witches are capable of doing. He talks about when Satan brings people into his snare through witchcraft that Satan puts a mark on their body and that this mark causes them much pain and this enables Satan to have much control over this person through this mark by inflicting pain on their bodies. The various other ways Satan uses witches to cause people to have torments and diseases and to make poisons and to kill people. He talks about sicknesses, how witches can actually take the life of a person. He's not talking about Christian people but people who have left themselves vulnerable to the devices of the Devil and how these witches work in a compact with the Devil to do his will. He writes about how they are able to raise storms and tempests in the air either upon sea or land and we've talked about that in previous broadcasts.

This is called 'weather mansing'. Francis Bacon even wrote in his book, "The New Atlantis," that the enlightened man would be able to control the weather. King James was aware that these witches were conjuring up storms to work the works of the Devil against mankind. They are able to make folks to become phonetic or maniacs, to cause mental diseases in people. They can make spirits either to follow or haunt people or to haunt certain houses and to affright oftentimes, even the inhabitants of these houses and to make some to be possessed with spirits and so to become demoniac. King James wanted his people not to be ignorant of Satan's devices. It is no wonder that he incurred the wrath of these witches and Satanists in Europe and why they want to work opposing him and inventing every kind of slander that they could to revile him in the minds of people and just to discredit this wonderful King who was exposing them.

Yesterday we discussed how King James also opposed them in their political conspiracy to export their occult traditions to the continent of Europe and to start another Renaissance to revive the Renaissance in Europe after this Renaissance had been put down by the expulsion of the Templars in Europe. King James single-handedly was responsible for thwarting the plans of the Rosicrucian's plans in Europe and they hated him with a vengeance.

King James not only wrote the Demonology, he wrote several other treatises. One of them was called the Bazillion ancon. King James and his wife Ann had nine children. Only three of them lived to adulthood. He wrote the Bazillion ancon for his son, Henry, thinking Henry would succeed him but Henry died as a young man. Nevertheless, he was burdened that his young sons would conduct their Kingship, their role as King in a Christian manner. Through this Bazillion Doron which means the Kingly gift he wanted to convey to them what the Scriptures had to say about the principles that a King must follow according to God. What God expected of a King.

I'm going to read from the Bazillion Doron so you can see how King James conducted his mandate from
God as a King. He's talking to his son, Henry, "Think not therefore, that the highness of your dignity diminishes your faults and giveth you a license to sin but by the contrary your faults shall be aggravated according to the height of your dignity. Any sin that you commit, not being a single sin. procuring but the fall of one, but being an exemplary sin and therefore drawled with it the whole multitude to be guilty of the same. "Another wards the Kings sin would draw a whole nation into sin as we saw with King Solomon with his sin drew the whole nation of Israel into idolatry. "Remember then, that this glistering worldly glory of Kings is given them by God to teach them to press so as to glister and shine before their people in all work of sanctification and righteousness. That their persons of bright lamps of Godliness may going in and out before their people give light to all their step. Remember also that by the right knowledge and fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom as Solomon sayeth, ye shall know all the things necessary for the discharge of your duty both as Christian and as a King seeing in Him as in a mirror the course of all earthly things whereas He is the spring and only mover. Now the only way to bring you to this knowledge is to diligently read His word and earnestly to pray for a right understanding thereof." Throughout all of this he's inserts references to verses of Scripture for his sons. Here he refers to John 5;39 "Search the Scriptures, sayeth Christ, for they will bear testimony of me." and 2 Timothy 3; 16-17 "The whole Scriptures, sayeth Paul, are profitable to teach. to improve, to correct and to instruct in righteousness that the man of God may be absolute, being made perfect to all good works." I join to this the careful hearing of the doctrine with attendance and reference for faith cometh by hearing, sayeth Paul. but above all beware ye throw not the word to your appetite as over many do making it like a bell to sound as ye please to interrupt but by the contrary frame all your affections to follow precisely the rules there set down. He then goes on to write to his son Henry, "Would ye then know your sin by the law?. Read the Books of Moses containing it. Would you have a commentary thereupon?. Read the prophets. See how good men are rewarded and wicked punished. Look at the histories of Genesis and Exodus, Joshua, the Judges, Job and Ester, but especially the book of the Kings and Chronicles where with ye ought to be familiarly acquainted for there will ye see yourself as in a mirror either in the catologues of the good or evil Kings. Would ye know the life and death of Christ. Look to the Evangelist, would ye be more particularly trained in his school. Mediate upon the Epistles of the Apostles and would ye be acquainted with the practices of that doctrine in the persons of the primitive church. Cast up the Apostles acts. As to the the apocryphical books I omit them because I am not Papist. As I said before and indeed some of them are like the diet meant of the Spirit of God as an egg is to an oyster." I haven't quite figured out what that means but the thought is there that the apocryphical books are not divinely inspired and they are not scripture and James makes it very clear here that he is no
papist or Roman Catholic.

Continuing with this except from the Basicilicon Docon, "but when you read the Scripture read it with a sanctified and chase ear. Admire recently such obscure places as ye understand not blaming only your own incapacity. Read with delight the plain places and study carefully those that are somewhat difficult. Press on to be a good textuary, for the Scripture is ever the best interrupter of itself." Another wards you should be so familiar with the Scriptures that you allow the text of the Scripture to interrupt itself. You can tell what a student of the word James was here. "Press not couriously to seek out further nor is contained therein. For that was misnurtured presumption to strive, to further upon Gods secret nor he hath will ye be, for what he hath need for us to know God hath revealed that there. Delight most in reading that part of Scripture that may best serve in the nature of your calling rejecting curiosity upon numbers and genealogies which are but vain and profit not as Paul sayeth, ' Titus 3:9. Here we see King James instructing his son. He was very concerned what would happen after his death because he knew the conspiracy that was afoot in Great Britain and what his sons did when they sat upon the throne would determine what would happen in Great Britain and the whole of Europe.

I was going to read another brief section from another book, a meditation that King James wrote upon the Book of Matthew. A pattern for a Kings inauguration. It had to do with the Kings responsibility to bear the sword. He writes, " Temporal Kings must not be therefore barred from the sword though it be not in his pattern as I told before for it to be drawn for the punishment of the wicked in defense of the good. For a King carries not his sword for naught." Another wards a King must be able to exercise the death penalty for the protection of the good against the wicked. He goes on to say, "it must neither be blunt for laws without execution are without life. Nor yet must it be ever drawn. For a King should never punish but with a weeping eye. In a word a Christian King should never be without that continual and ever wakeful care of the account he is one day to give to God of the good government of his people and the prosperous estate both in soul and bodies which is a part of the health of his own soul. Then he shall never need to doubt of that happy and willing acclamation of his people within Ave Ceaser or Hail King which was mentioned in this pattern not only to begin at his entry to the Crown but even to his accompany him all the days of his life thereafter and when they have reduced and washed his grave with their tears his posterity to be welcomed by them as a bright and sun shining morning after a dark and gloomy night." Another wards, the King who rules over his people in a Godly fashion will be loved by his people and King James was very loved by the vast majority of his Kingdom. As I read this portion of the Meditation upon St. Matthew, I thought about 2 Samuel where David reflects upon the role of a righteous King and he said, "The God of Israel said, "The Rock of Israel spake unto me, he that ruleth over men must be just ruling in the fear of God and he shall be as the light of the morning when the sun rises even a morning without clouds as the tender grass springeth out of the earth like clear shining after rain and this is what the word of God compares a good King to one that rules over men justly that he shall be as the light of the morning. Even with a morning without clouds.

We see here from the writings of King James that he was a Godly Christian man, that he exercised his duties as a King under the direction of the Holy Spirit and that he was fully accountable to God for his Kingship, for his ministry to the people. This really gives the lie to all the slanderous accusations that have been brought against this Godly man in his own day and shortly after.

In the second hour we're going to go into some of these accusations just to show that the conspiracy against King James is continuing even in our own day and where it is going to lead.

Barbara: We're told in Scripture not to be ignorant; we are not to be ignorant of his devices. Its incumbent upon Pastor's to warn the flock of these wolves in sheep's clothing. In the early Gnosticism crept in very early. The Apostles were still living when all of this Gnosticism began to be introduced to the church and the apostles warned of it, then the Church fathers wrote of it. Irenaeous wrote, "Against Heresies," because of the deluge of this occultism. The church fathers warned the Christians about all of this and the Pastors today should be doing the same thing. I really think many of them are ignorant of all of this and they don't even know how to recognize it themselves. This is probably attributable to the condition of the seminaries which have been taken over by the conspiracy. But God is getting the truth out. He's not willing that his people should remain in ignorance.

Kelly: You and I both agree that the King James Bible will be attacked more and more very soon and will be outlawed and that the new versions will be allowed to be remained since they are preparing those to receive the Antichrist.
Barbara: yes,
Kelly: Who's behind this ploy?
About fifty years after King James died in 1625, they waited till the King had been dead awhile so the generation after the King wouldn't have known the King. These various occultists, Anthony Weldon, Francis Osborn, Edward Payton, came out with books claiming that King James had been a homosexual and a Pederast. Of course this was not the case but they had to discredit the man because he had so thwarted their plans during his rulership over Great Britain and also they had to discredit his Bible. The Bible he had authorized. This charge of homosexuality and pederasty is death with in a book by Steven Costen today, The name of the book is King James the 6th of Scotland and the 1st of England, Unjustly Accused. I believe it's published by AV Publications. It used to be available through but it's no longer available. They say it's out of print but I do believe it can be obtained through AV Publications. Anyway if you go to this website,, His Majesty King James 6th and 1st, Unjustly Accused,
You'll find different venues where this book can be purchased. Steven Costen wrote this, which is basically what you were saying Kelly, "I have found in the course of my research a most curious phenomena that there is almost a total vacuum of consideration of what King James actually wrote or actually believed outside of a few brief excepts of his writings which are more often than not stiped of their context or misinterpreted almost beyond recognition. Great weight of almost complete dependence is attached to the writings of a few disgruntled courtiers. He says racists and bigots but I believe they were also occultists and he mentions the names of Sir Anthony Weldon, Francis Osborn and Sir Edward Peyton and a few others. Another ward the people who are bringing these accusations today against King James never consults the writings of King James. They never say "look, here's what the man wrote. This proves that he was an occultist or a pederest. They don't allude to these writings because of course they would prove the very opposite. Then Stephen Coston goes on to say, "the writings of Peter Highland or William Sanderson, Bishop Godfrey Goodman and Anthony Wood and others, not to mention King James 6th and 1st himself are almost totally forsaken thus creating an almost unbalanced view of King James as viewed from contemporary accounts. Similarly modern works which discount the critical view of King James are almost completely ignored by those who wish to paint King James as a homosexual. So when these charges are brought against King James the way to refute them is to have on hand the writings of the King himself which show that he was none of these things.

Now I want to just to quote a few of King James statements proving that he was vehemently opposed to sodomy in the Basicilia Doran, he wrote to his son, Henry. There are some horrible crimes that are bound to conscious never to forgive such as witchcraft, willful murder, incest and sodomy. By never to forgive he's talking about overlooking them in a court of law, that these violated the law of the land and that as King he was bound not to just excuse sodomy, murder, witchcraft and incest. He continues "but especially eschew(distain) to be effeminate in your clothes, in your perfuming. preening or such like and make not a fool of yourself in disguising or wearing long your hair or nails which are but excrements of nature. Guard against corrupt leaders and effeminate ones. Here James is clearly opposed to homosexuality and sodomy and he is admonishing his son to not only avoid giving the appearance of such but to avoid the appearance of persons.

The charge is made that King James was a bad husband that he had a bad marriage but all of his writings give warning to exactly the opposite. He wrote to his wife, Queen Ann, " I thank God that I carry that love and respect unto you which by the law of God and nature I ought to do to my wife and the mother of my children for the respect of your honorable birth and respect I married you but the love and respect for that I now bear you for you are my married wife and sole partaker of my honor. As God to my honor I ever preferred you to all of my barrans much more than any subject. Signed, your own, James the King.

King James also wrote love poetry to his wife and in addition to this James also wrote of Ann, his wife, "If it were possible for me to love her better than ever I did before it were my part to do it." and even after her death, he wrote, "She was an excellent wife to us, She has left a great longing for her. Noting of the institution of Holy Matrimony James wrote in the Basicilian Doron, "but the principal blessing you can get of good company will stand in your marrying of a Godly and virtuous wife being flesh of your flesh, and bone of your bone, marriage is the greatest earthly felicity and without the blessing of God you cannot look for a happy marriage. James also counseled his son that he should keep his body clean and unpolluted while you give it to your wife to whom only it belongs for how can you justly crave to be joined with a virgin if your body be polluted. James goes on to council against fornication and filthily affections. Regardless of the world does not view these sins as serious. Be not ashamed to keep your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit pure and marriage is one of the greatest actions that a man does. All his time when your married keep enviably your promise made to God in your marriage. So here we see that James had a high view of marriage and a high regard for his wife and he taught his sons as a Godly father should teach them and as a Godly King should teach them who would inherit the throne one day.

These charges of sodomy and pedestry have been brought against King James from various sources today. Christian or seemingly Christina sources. We've all read them on the internet. When these charges came out after his death there were many men who wrote in defense of King James and some of these sources I'm just going to mention some of them way back then. Maurice Lee wrote in Great Britain's Solomon, James the 6th and 1st. "Historians can and should ignore the venomous caricature of the Kings person and behavior that has been drawn by Anthony Weldon. Remember he was one of those who brought these charges against James. Robert Ashton wrote, "in James 1st by his contemporaries, "the treatises of those such as Sir Anthony Weldon and
Francis Osborn are characterized chiefly by their authors spiteful and indiscriminate animus against the King. They are represented here not because of their value of accounts of accurate events which is negotiable." Sir Edmond Coke, who was the Attorney General of England wrote, " bugery or homosexuality is an abominable sin against Christians and he wrote directly to Viscount Villiars. Villiars was one of those that the slanderers claimed was one of King James had a homosexual affair with. This Edmond Coke was a very prominent Attorney General to the King. He wrote to Villiars, " and I knowing the sincerity of his majesties justice for which he is the most renounced King in the Christian World. Also another author Peter Highland, who was a Historian, a contemporary of King James wrote the Examinan Historicom, a discovery and examination of the mistakes falsities and defects in some modern histories.
Peter Highland denounced Weldon's book as infamous libel.

A dictionary of national biography states that James pure and did not come into conflict with the protestant clergy in the field of morality. Anthony Wood who lived after King James. He was an historian of the Jackobein era. He wrote in Athines anthesox.
"Peytons accusation is a most desperate and libelous book full of lies, mistakes and nonsense. I found this list on the website of
His Majesty King James, 6th and 1st. So there's plenty of evidence that along with these libelous accusations there were serious scholars and statesman who rose to the occasion to defend the King of Great Britain who was so loved and respected by the Christian people during his day.

One of the books recommended was "A literary Character and Inquiry into the Character of James 1st by Isaac Disraeli and also the works of his son Benjamin Disraeli, who was Prime Minister of Great Britain in the late 1800's. These accusations have been revived against King James and these scholars are not around to defend the man now. King James is not around and his works have
been suppressed.

One of the promoters of this libel is Peter Dawkins. I want to talk a little about Dawkins because he is a high level Rosicrucian.
He is featured on the new video by David Bay called "The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings."
This video does not really give the credentials of Peter Dawkins but he is a very high level Rosicrucian. It does state that he is the founder of the Francis Bacon Research Trust in the UK. In several of his books, two of them being The Shakespeare Enigma and Francis Bacon, Herald of the New Age, Peter Dawkins alludes to their George Villiars, the Duke of Buckingham and his alleged affair with King James. I'll just read a little bit of the book by Peter Dawkins, "The Shakespeare Enigma," Peter Dawkins presents Francis Bacon as a very respectable Statesman in Europe that he was a very loyal assistant to King James. Then he makes the accusation that King James betrayed Francis Bacon after all of his years of loyal service. Dawkins says "the result of the plot led to Francis impeachment in Parliament during March and April of 1621 on concocted charges of corruption to which the King in order to move attention away from the extravagant behavior of his favorite, George Villiars, the Duke of Buckingham and his own weakness ordered his Lord Chancellor to offer no defense and to plead guilty." He then quotes this Thomas Bushell, who was part of the plot and then came out with the fact that this Duke of Buckingham was actually James homosexual partner. He quotes that referring to him as the favorite of James affections and that James took the part of his homosexual partner instead of his loyal friend and assistant Francis Bacon.

The fact that Peter Dawkins has such a low view of King James and a high view of Francis Bacon is rather amazing to me that this man would be a primary speaker on David Bays' video, "The Secret Beginnings of the United States," without an iota of evidence on who this man really was.

The fact is that actually the roles were really reversed. It was Francis Bacon who was the homosexual pederast and it was King James who would have nothing to do with Francis Bacon and all of his plots and plans to obtain the Kings patronage for his work and for the Rosicrucian agenda.

I want to now read evidence that Francis Bacon was the homosexual pederast. This is from a Rosicrucian website that gives biographical information about Francis Bacon that is confirmed from a number of sources. It says he did not marry till the age of 48 and contemporary figures relate that he was by preference homosexual. John Aubrey in his 'Brief Lives', says quite bluntly that Bacon was a pederast and had Gannymeds and favorites. Pederast in renaissance diction meant 'homosexual' rather then a lover of minors, I don't know about that. Gannymed derives from the mythical prince abducted by Zeus to be his cupbearer and bed warmer. This is referring to Gannymead who was adducted by Zeus to serve the gods on Mount Olympus.

Returning to this information on Francis Bacon, the Puritan moralist Sir Simons de Huges, Bacons fellow member of Parliament, in his autobiography and correspondence discusses Bacon's love for his Welsh serving men, unparticular a very effeminate faced youth whom he calls his catamite and bedfellow. Cataminite is the corruption of Gannameade.

The Diary entry for the third of May, 1621 of this Puritan moralist, Sir Simons de Hughes, and May Third was the date of Bacon's censure by Parliament. (Bacon was tried on charges of Bribery and he was dismissed by King James), reveals the full extent of Bacon's sexuality and is worth quoting extensively if only because it has been suppressed in the only printed edition of the De Huges autobiography which was not published until 1845 and has been studiously ignored by most of Bacon's modern biographers.

This Puritan Member of Parliament wrote about Bacon, "The favor he had with the beloved Marquee of Buckingham emboldened him as I learned in discourse from a member of his bedchamber who told me he was sure his Lord should never fall as long as the said Marquee continued in his favor. His most abominable and darling sin I should rather bury in silence than mention it were it not a most admirable instance how men are enslaved by wickedness and held captive by the Devil. For whereas presently upon his censure at this time, his ambition was moderated, his pride humbled, and the means of his former injustice and corruption removed. Yet would he not relinquish the practice of his most horrible and secret sin of sodomy a keeping still, one Goderate, a very effeminate youth to be his catamite and bedfellow although he had discharged most of his other household servants which was the more to be admired because men generally after his fall began to be discourse that his unnatural crime which he had practiced many years, deserting the bed of his lady, (another wards, his wife,) which he accounted as the Italians and the Turks do a poor and mean pleasure in respect of the other.

"It was thought by some that he should have been tried at the bar of justice for it and have satisfied the law most severe against that most horrible villainy with the price of his blood which caused some bold and forward man to write these verses following in a whole sheet of paper to cast it down in some part of York House in the Strand where the Viscount St. Albin," that was Francis Bacon, "yet lay.

Within the sky a hog yet lie, that must be hanged for sodomy, alluding both to his surname of Bacon and to that swinish abominable sin." But he never came to any public trial for his sin, "Nor forever that I put here that he bare his old custom of making his servants his bedfellows so to avoid the scandal that was raised of him though he lived many years after his fall in his lodgings in Grave In Halaporn, in great want and penuary." He goes on to say that of particular interest were Bacon's faith on marriage, love, friendship and beauty, which are no mere exercises in theory. Bacon's attitude towards marriage is quite negative. Bacon wrote, "He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune for they are impediments to enterprises either of virtue or mischief certainly the best works and of greatest merit for the public have proceeded from the unmarried or childlessness men which both in affection and means have married and endowed the public. Unmarried men are the best friends, best masters, best servants, but not always best subjects. For they are like to run away and almost all fugitives are of that condition"

Here we compare the writings of King James on marriage and sodomy with the writings of Francis Bacon on marriage. He had a very low view of marriage and the testimony of this Puritan minister of Parliament who testifies to what was common knowledge during that time, Francis Bacon's extensive affairs with men and his abandonment of his wife, which it appears he just took a wife to try to deceive the King that he was a heterosexual.

I just want to talk for the rest of the hour on where this is all leading. These slanderous accusations against King James and why they are being revived in our own day. There are several agenda's afoot here but the main objective here is that these accusations will be used to label those who use the King James Bible to put them in the same category as evil people.

We recently heard that Rick Warren labeled fundamentalists believers as 'the enemy.' Rick Warren has an extensive following among evangelicals; he's been called the new Billy Graham of the evangelical world. For him to label fundamentalists, by fundamentalists he's referring to Christians who hold to the true word of God as opposed to the modern versions.
Rick Warren promotes the message and every other paraphrase of the Bible instead of the King James Version of the Bible and in his book, "The Purpose Driven Church," he even warns his readers against using the King James Bible. I'm going to get to that in a little while.

I'm going to quote a couple of Scriptures Rev 6;9 "and when the Lord Jesus had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the alter the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held." Again, in Rev 20:4 "And I saw thrones and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them, and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God, which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. We see in these verses of Revelation that those who hold to the word of God will be slain and we know from all of the evidence that has been presented through so many Christian venues that the King James Bible is based on the Textus Receptus, which is the true word of God and that the people who use the King James Bible are going to be slain for holding and as Kelly said we believe that at some point the King James Bible is going to become illegal and that there is a campaign to discredit not only the King James Bible but Christians who hold to it.

As Kelly mentioned yesterday it is claimed that we are occult, that we are Ruckmonites and all manner of slander has already been leveled at users of the King James Bible version and there's going to be more coming. When we read in Revelation 20 that the Christians during the tribulation and for the word of God that is a direct reference to the Noahide Laws because the seven Noahide Laws, (we have a lot of information on the website, these laws which will be enforced during the Tribulation Period. There are two provisions, two Noahide laws that prohibit blasphemy and idolatry and that those who hold to the Testimony of Jesus will be accused of idolatry because those who will be enforcing the Noahide laws will be the resurrected Sanhedrin that will govern the world during the Tribulation Period will set up tribunals to try those who hold to the testimony of Jesus. We have already seen the campaign against King James readers has started in the media.

A couple of years ago there was a fictional movie by the name of 'Smallpox". It was a pseudo documentary and it was aired on television for about a week. Their plot of this movie was that there was a global epidemic that was started in New York City by an unknown terrorist who had infected himself with a smallpox virus and by the time the movie was over 60 million people had perished due to the fact that there was a vaccine shortage. At the very end of the movie there was a scene in the terrorist's apartment. By this time the terrorist himself had died of this flu and the camera filming the scene zoomed in on a King James Bible and the King James Bible lay open to the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 5 and the narrator very slowly read verses from the Book of Ezekiel, "and a third part of ye shall die with a pestilence and with a famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee, and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee and I will scatter a third part to all the winds and I will draw the sword after them. Then shall my anger be accomplished and I will cause my fury to rest upon them and I will be comforted and they shall know that I the Lord have spoken it in my zeal." Now the implication of the whole pseudo documentary and the whole final scene was that the terrorist and a reader was a fundamentalist reader of the King James Bible and this gave him the mandate to unleash this horrible epidemic throughout the world and immediately this final scene brought to mind the Islamic terrorists who used their Koran to justify killing in the name of their God 'Allah'. You couldn't mistake the parallel that were being drawn here that there is going to come a day that there is going to be some kind of incident that will be blamed on fundamentalists Christians. Probably a staged event and they will discover that this terrorist happened to use the King James Bible and then of course the news channels will be abyss with the violence of the King James Bible and the Old Testament and how fundamentalists Christians who use this Bible are being encouraged by their God to commit acts of violence.

We believe that at some point during this smear campaign against fundamentalist Christians and the King James Bible that all of these accusations against King James being a pederast and a homosexual will be all over the news media and also they will bring up the fact that these King James only believers are Ruckmonites.

I do have a report like this on our webpage called "The House of God on Trial," on on the section under Bible Prophecy,

It's our view that agents provocateurs have been raised up within the King James only community to misrepresent Christians who hold fast to the word of God and Peter Ruckman is a Bible teacher. He is an outspoken advocate of the King James Version. In his presentation he is very rude and crude and calls his enemies idiots and even worse names and he is a very bad representative of the King James only position. No doubt when King James this campaign is waged during the Tribulation Period that Peter Ruckman will be used as an example of how wicked and rude Christians are who use the King James Version. Of course agent's provateurs do this; they infiltrate a movement for the purpose of discrediting it.

I have been accused a Ruckmanite, which means a follower of this Peter Ruckman even though I am not. I have deliberately distanced myself from the publications of the people who have accused me of being a Ruckmanite. But when advocates of the corrupted versions do not want to deal with the issues then they resort to ad homen attacks. They attack the people who are defending the truth and assign to them various labels such as Ruckmanite or King James only cult. They did the same thing to King James. They slandered him as being a homosexual; It is very obvious that he was not.

Another indication that this is what's ahead for believers is that shortly after 911. the head of the United Religions Initiative, Bishop William E Swing, (we're all familiar with him or should be, he started the United Religions initiative at the Presidio, in San Francisco), in order ot unite all religions together. It was a extension of the United Nations He took the position that religion, in general was to blame for all these attacks on New York City and Washington.

I'm going to quote from a publication called "The Friday Facts of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute," they were simply reporting Bishops Swings statements on this matter. Bishop William E Swing asserted that the hijackers did not hold a corrupted version of Islam because religions, all religions are guilty of fostering terrorism. He said there is a lot of terror an violence in a lot of Scripture, There has to be a critique of that, we have to hold the religions feet to the fire for the violence and terror in them. Swing said the nations of the world have met every day for the past 50 years, the religions of the world have not. Who is more moral the nations of the world or the religions of the world?

The United Religions Initiative seeks to create a permanent body of religious ambassadors, a parallel organization to the UN to address the problem of fundamentalist in our own group and issue that traditional religion wimps out on. Swing proclaimed that in light of the terrorist attack it is a new day for interrelations activity in the United States, Other participants at the meeting criticized either religion or capitalism. One person said the problem is religion. The whole concept of religion that requires conformity. Another said all religions have fanatical elements. We must delete those elements from scripture. Here we can see a movement afoot to get rid of the scriptures, the Christian Bible because it has elements of violence within it. Never mind the fact that in the context of the Old Testament that God commanded that certain nations be wiped out for their sin for their own violence, He waited till the cup of inequity was full before he judged these nations but here fundamentalist Christians who hold to the true Word of God are going to be labeled as terrorists and this will provide the fuel to the fire. In addition to all of the people like Rick Warren coming out against fundamentalist Christians as being the enemy and all of this slander against the King James Bible and against King James himself. All of these things working together we believe will be used to make it illegal to even possess a King James Bible.


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