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A blog by Bill Keller's listeners:

"I've been wondering when BK is scheduled to be back on Nationwide TV since he signed up with that joint venture capitalist last December.  I just found this at his website about it, dated 2/19/07:

An excerpt from Bill Keller's Devotional Page:

".... Very few could ever understand the level of warfare I have learned to assimilate in my daily life over these past 8 years as a result of bringing God's Truth to over 2 million souls worldwide every day through the Internet and the tens of thousands more every night on secular television via the TV program. What I experienced during those 10 weeks was 100x, no 1000x greater than anything I had ever experienced before. In addition to the financial aspects, I fully understand why other ministries stay in the safety of the Christian TV networks, or the few who do air on some secular stations simply preach a very non-confrontational pre-taped message geared to a church audience on Sunday morning.

Financially, Liveprayer has been an absolute miracle of God. We never should have survived the first year after the venture funds we expected 6 months in dried up as a result of the dot.com bubble bursting in early 2000. However, God sustained the work, allowed us to expand and reach more people each year through the Internet, add the secular TV program to the mix which continued to expand, and over time not only stay current with our financial obligations but work down the debt we incurred surviving those first 2 years from over a million to right at $600,000. Having seen God work miracles time and time again in meeting our needs, I underestimated the fact that this would become our main battleground in taking the TV program to the nation. Satan knew if he could keep the finances dried up, we could not stay on the air. Despite years of financial victories, we were now at an entirely different level in going from a budget of $1 million a year to just over $10 million a year.

The reason the warfare was so intense, the reason satan was fighting so hard was evident in those 40 nights we were on. An average audience of 200,000 people each night were hearing the Truth of God's Word proclaimed loudly, boldly, and visibly like nobody else was doing. Being on nationwide "live" for an hour 5 nights a week, people were able to call in and have their faith rewarded as God met their needs. Each night over 5,000 emails for prayer poured in from people who were hurting were reaching out in their time of need, looking for answers and hope. Most important of all, over 8,000 souls we know of came to faith in Christ during those 40 nights. EIGHT THOUSAND! Praise God!

Each night, I felt the incredible power of being able to share with a lost and hurting nation the Truth of God's Word and the fact He loves them so much. I sensed the hunger and desire through those cameras as people from coast to coast tuned in to hear His Truth proclaimed and the fact they could have a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Each one of those 40 nights as I told the viewers how they could be saved, I knew there was an all out war going on in the heavenlies. Night after night, the commitments poured in as people surrendered their lives to Jesus!

I love you and care about you so much. God clearly honored our faith to follow Him in using that program during those 40 nights to impact millions of lives, transforming many for all eternity. However, in the world we live in, the fact we were not able to sustain the program past those initial 40 nights would correctly be classified as a defeat. It was in defeat that I learned what it would take spiritually, emotionally, and financially to sustain the program reaching the entire nation "live" for an hour 5 nights a week on a major secular television network. It was in defeat that I found the comfort of God's love and His strength to press forward. It was in defeat that whatever commitment I had made to the Lord to boldly take His Truth and the hope of Christ to the nation through secular television was now solidified and I became resolute in fulfilling His call upon my life.


Even though I understand that what we did those 40 nights was clearly a victory in God's eyes and for millions of people, satan has temporarily won since every night we are not on nationwide, people are not hearing God's Truth and how they can be saved. I know that every day people who will never go to church, never read the Bible, never watch Christian TV, are dying and going to hell because the TV program is not on. I have learned the lessons I needed to learn in defeat so that when we get the program back on nationwide, this time it will be declaring God's Truth and bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ until our Lord returns.

*Be praying as we are waiting patiently for the financing to come together from the group we entered into the joint venture with last Christmas. Once we get the word they have raised the money, we will be back on nationwide within 4 weeks. One change is that the program is moving to an afternoon time slot in order to reach a larger audience and compete head on with Oprah, her puppet Dr. Phil, Montel, and the rest of the false hope merchants who litter the television during the afternoon hours.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will remember that there is no failure with God. Don't fear stepping out in faith to fulfill whatever it is God has called you to do with your life. I will also be praying that you will realize that we all win and lose along our journey through this life. Losing is no fun, but use those moments as opportunities to correct your mistakes and work on those areas you are weak. Don't let the defeats you experience in life get you down, but use them as learning opportunities so that you can do better the next time. We all enjoy winning, but never forget that we can learn the most from our defeats.

Of course, the one defeat you will suffer from for all eternity is rejecting Jesus Christ as your Savior. The most important victory in your life comes when you accept Christ into your heart and life by faith and have your sins washed away and receive the free gift of everlasting life. If you have never experienced that victory, I encourage you to go to: www.liveprayer.com/bdy_salvatn.html Pray, ask God to open your heart to the truth of the words there, and make the choice today to ask Jesus Christ into your heart and life by faith. Coming to know Jesus as your personal Savior is the greatest victory there is, since it is one you will enjoy for all eternity!!! © 1999 - 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved. Maintained by PacketCity. http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=2841

[...] Blog continued:
Be praying as we are waiting patiently for the financing to come together from the group we entered into the joint venture with last Christmas. Once we get the word they have raised the money, we will be back on nationwide within 4 weeks. One change is that the program is moving to an afternoon time slot in order to reach a larger audience and compete head on with Oprah, her puppet Dr. Phil, Montel, and the rest of the false hope merchants who litter the television during the afternoon hours.
LOL about "Oprah's puppet, Dr. Phil."  He may have started out as her puppet, but I think Dr. Phil pretty much stands on his own two-feet now.  I also don't get the feeling Dr. Phil is much of a Christian even though he and Robin were on James Robinson a few weeks ago.  She was vocal about her faith in Jesus Christ but ol' Phil never made such an outright confession.  They both seem a tad carnal to me, but then maybe it's what naturally comes with "success."  -- Lastly, Keller and Dr. Phil should have an interview/pow-wow together.  Ewwww boy, I wonder how that would go over...?

Speaking of Oprah, found this at BK's site from 2/15/05:
Oprah was in Tampa, Florida for her, 'Live Your Best Life Tour'. Her message is that women can succeed through ³spiritual² growth. The problem is, Oprah¹s brand of spiritual growth is NOT through Jesus Christ or the Bible, but a mixed bag of New Age concepts with a universalistic theology that ³all good people will get to heaven.² Over the years, she has generated a cult following of women that I have yet to figure out. She is a role model for mothers, but has no children of her own. She ³preaches² to her followers to find fulfillment outside of their job, yet is a workaholic herself. She tells others how to have a perfect marriage, yet she isn¹t married herself.
LOL.  Can't argue with any of that.
Strangely, my mother can't stand Oprah or Dr. Phil either.  She won't watch either of them.  But her reasons are NOT the same as Keller's.  Mom doesn't like it that Oprah, not being a doctor herself, gives advice as if she is a psychologist, etc.  I do NOT agree w/Mom on that.  Oprah is SELF-TAUGHT, hello, it's called READING.  Mom's problem is she is in total denial that parents' actions (or LACK THEREOF) have any effect on how their kids turn out.  Mom, imho and from statements she has made over the years, is terrified to learn that her lousy parenting just might be part of the problem, so she closes her mind to ANYTHING to do with psychology and child-rearing, family dysfunction, etc.
Oprah is a wonderful woman who has done incredibly great things for many people. However, she has adopted a universalistic view on life that being good is all that it takes to get to Heaven. Dr. Phil is a good man, and much of his counsel is very sound. However, it is from a purely secular standpoint and not a Biblical one. Bill O¹Reilly is a journalist, but from time to time shares his personal-faith belief which, again, is a universalistic view of life that being a good person is all God requires. Tony Robbins mixes New Age spiritualism into his self-help training that basically teaches that all things are possible through ourselves.

Again, all 4 of these are no doubt wonderful, caring, loving people. But be careful! Anyone can call themselves Christians. Just because someone prays does not make them a Christian. Just because someone uses the 'right words' does not make them a Christian. You will NEVER hear any of these people say that Jesus Christ is the only REAL answer, or that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life. The fact is, being a 'good person' will NOT get you to Heaven.
Very true! And this from his 3/6/07 Daily Devotional...
Sadly, those few men and women of God who have ventured into the marketplace decided to compromise the Truth of God's Word in order to appeal to a lost world. Rather than calling themselves preachers of the Gospel they use worldly terms like "life coach."

Isn't that the truth!  More and more of that going around... pretty ridiculous.  Mark Chironna immediately comes to mind. /bg
Rather than preaching against sin and calling people to holiness, they "tickle ears" with nothing more than a message any unsaved motivational speaker would deliver.

Right on, again. /bg

Then you have men like Peter Popoff, Robert Tilton, and Jim Bakker who shamed the name of Christ in the past with their scandals, greed, and excess, but are still out there doing the same thing. Popoff was caught wearing an earpiece so his crew could relate personal information about people in the audience that he would then act like God told him. He is back on television in the middle of the night, making tens of millions of dollars selling vials of "holy water."

is also back on TV with his "Success" infomercials asking people to make "vows" of $1,000 to insure they become millionaires. Bakker, who after his release from prison wrote a book titled, "I Was Wrong," admitting the prosperity message was theologically flawed, is now back on TV with his latest wife hawking products, asking for money, and recently has dusted off his old hard hat to raise funds for his latest Christian theme park near Branson, Mo.
I'm not familiar with either Popoff or Tilton from their past, but I did notice Tilton a few months ago on TV somewhere (Steve Lumbley has that rather descriptive article at his site about the years he worked for him), but I have to admit I am GUILTY of enjoying the "Mike Douglass style-show" set-up of Lori and Jim Bakker's "new" show.  I like his "new" wife... she was a druggie who he helped get off the streets years ago when he was doing street work after he got out of prison. - Recently Jim admitted (for the first time he said, on TV) that he was molested when he was a kid.  That explains alot about him, imho.  He's a small guy and pervs especially like to go after the "little people."  Today he said he can't tell his left hand from his right and has always had to point this way or that way with the hand he knows he writes with.  LOL.  That hit home as I've always done the same exact thing... can't "think fast enough" to determine which is left or right, so I've always just "pointed the way." Together they are a cute couple.  -- I don't like their beloved CEV Bible version, but they are not shy about talking about Jesus so I can't fault them for that. -- I have heard Jim mention Rick Joyner a few times, so I guess he's mixed up with those guys, naturally.

This "internet war" news from BK dated 1/12/07: http://www.liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=2803
60 days after the launch of Liveprayer (August 1999) we came under a major attack. The week before Halloween in 1999, someone signed up about 400 witches and warlocks to receive the Daily Devotional. As you can imagine, those folks were not happy. We only had 4-5,000 subscribers so we had over 10% of our list complaining about SPAM. When Liveprayer started, we had our Internet site and mail hosted by a third party and they literally shut us down due to the complaints.
In the end, these "content filters" everyone is now using ends up filtering out lots of legitimate mail that happens to use some of the same words the "content filters" are looking for.

The other danger in these "content filters" is obvious. The programmers who create these filters can put any word they want into their dictionary to filter. For example, they could put in words like, Liveprayer, Bill Keller, Daily Devotional, Jesus, Bible, and God. Do you now see how dangerous these "content filters' are? The fact is, the ISPs we are sending our Daily Devotional to are private companies and have the right to filter their incoming mail however they choose. They also aren't forced to tell ANYONE their dictionary list. If they choose to filter all Christian emails, they can. We have been told flat out by one major ISP that they have "trained their filters to block our mail!"

However, since Thanksgiving (2006), we have been in an all out war with one major ISP and several smaller ones who are using their software. After sending our Daily Devotional to our subscribers using their domains every day for over 7 years without any problems, they are now telling us that their filters are labeling our mail as SPAM. I have to pay one of our techs to sit and manually send all of our mail to this ISP and others using their software to insure our subscribers get their Daily Devotional each morning. This should be an automated process that takes a few hours, but now takes 6-7 hours and is costing us over $3,000 extra month in labor. I am committed to getting the Word out to those who subscribe no matter what we have to do since lives and souls are at stake!

The fact is, all ISPs would love to stop ALL email. One of their latest ploys is to have outside companies that they endorse, determine who is a safe mailer or not. These outside companies charge people who send email tens of thousands of dollars a year to "endorse" your mail. The fact is, it doesn't help you bypass an ISPs "content filters." It is really nothing more than extortion to try and force legitimate mailers to pay to send email to people who have requested it. Legally, there is no recourse since again, these are all private companies and they can do whatever they want. The bottom line is if those who use their email system don't like it, they can go somewhere else.
The TV program added over 400,000 NEW subscribes to the Daily Devotional last year. Once we are back on nationwide, we will add well over 2 million new subscribes in the first year. This will increase our subscriber base to well over 4 million that we will need to send to every day. So this war is not going to be over any time soon, as a matter of fact, it is only just beginning.

BTW, the credits that would run at the end of BK's show (last year when I could see him on Florida TV), one of his producers was named "RICH NATION."  Recently I noticed the same name at the end of JOE VAN KOEVERING's Prophecy show.  Since Keller and Koevering both are over in the same area of west Florida (Tampa/St.Pete), I guess they all know each other.

This from his 2/9/07 email:

Let me share a question with you I get all the time during the many media interviews I do. It is a GREAT QUESTION that comes from reporters who aren't Believers. They ask me why are there more churches, more ministries, more Christian resources, more Christian media, than ever before in the history of Christendom, yet at the same time our culture and the world around us is in a spiritual freefall, the better percentage of two full generations don't even go to church, and Christianity has very little impact in the daily lives of the vast majority of people. It seems to be quite a paradox doesn't it? With all the churches and Christian influence that exists today, this should be a far better world.

I respond to their question by telling them the answer is quite simple. The above phenomena exists because we preach to the choir instead of reaching out to those who need the message the most. We have retreated into this incestuous place I call the "Christian trough" where the churches and most all Christian ministries live and operate. It is this Christian subculture that has evolved over the past 40 years that consists of the church, Christian TV and radio, Christian publishing, Christian music, and all of the various para-chruch ministries. It targets Believers with their message, not those outside the four walls of the church, since people who are already Christians will be friendly to the message, buy what they sell, go to events, and donate their money.

Make no mistake about it, it is business, and BIG business. Billions of dollars a year! Everyone talks about "reaching the lost," but the reality is they all end up simply preaching to the choir because that is where the money is at! Let me give you a great example. A little over a year ago, I was in the office of a gentleman who God has richly blessed financially. Money is relevant and this is a man who could write a check for $100,000 without blinking an eye. After sharing with him what God was doing at Liveprayer and asking for him to help us financially, he told me that he couldn't help me right now because he had just agreed to head up the finance team to bring a well-known evangelist to Tampa. He shared that he was responsible for raising $2.3 million dollars for this 2-day event and that the evangelist would only agree to come after the money was in the bank. (Who needs faith to follow this plan?)

Indeed, good question. /bg

Knowing others who were involved in the organization of this event, they spent the last year getting hundreds of the area churches to get their people to come to this event. So ultimately it is going to be a couple of services with apx 100,000 people from area churches. Listen, I pray that many hearts and lives are touched and impacted during these two days. I have no doubt there will be some souls saved, and praise God for that. But the point I want to make is that this is how it works in the world of Christian business. Big names who won't even come until they are guaranteed to make so much money. Big events that are called "evangelistic," but are full of people who have been recruited to come from the area churches.

Do you want the perfect contrast? What we are doing for 12 days at the Florida State Fair! For less than $20,000, we have a major presence in the heart of the State Fair that will have 600,000 people in attendance. Are those people coming to see Liveprayer? No. Most haven't got a clue Liveprayer even exists. However, we will be there, boldly and visibly letting people know that if they are hurting, going through problems in their life, there is a place to come and find help and hope. We will be praying for people, no doubt leading many to faith in Christ, and most every person who comes to the State Fair will have one of our brightly colored flyers with the Plan of Salvation on it!

I don't agree with everything about Bill Keller, but he's got the right idea about preaching to John Q. Public.  He should set up a table sometime next to the JWs who sometimes set up tables at Malls and Walmart, etc.  That would be a hoot to see... BK vs. JW.

Well, I was trying to find more info at his site about his "nationwide tour" plans and whatever else he's got down the pipes, but I'm out of steam for now.  You can't search his old emails BY DATE, but only by subject, and I'm fresh of ideas.

"The Besuras haGeulah According to Mattityahu (Matthew)" chp 28:19-20:
"Therefore, make talmidim for Moshiach of all the nations, giving them a tevilah in a mikveh mayim in HaShem, the NAME of HaAv, HaBen, and HaRuach HaKodesh, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And--hinei-- I (Moshiach) am with you always, even until the kets haOlam hazeh." 

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