Cossy Rosario from India shares His Testimony

 It was submitted by: on April 28, 2002

Ed note: This was such a moving testimony, I asked Cossy if I could share it with people who come to our websites and he gave us permission. This came from our IQ test page. End of note.

The first question was: are you born again: yes

How do you know you are born again?: I can never forget the day (Friday, April 6, 1973) nor the time (9:35 p.m.). I was sitting in an Bible Teacher's home. He showed me from the Scriptures that I was a sinner by thoughts, words, deeds, ommissions, and even by my very nature. I was horrified. Then he showed me that Jesus had paid the full penalty for my sin when He died on the Cross. He told me that I could have a totally new life as a new creature, a son of God, if I repented, confessed my sins and put my full trust in Jesus as the One who saved me, when He hung on the Cross. I repented in tears. I loved Jesus for what He did for me. I believed in Him and trusted in Him. I knew my sins were forgiven. My new life in Christ began that evening. I know the time (9:30 p.m.) because I wanted to be considerate to the Bible teacher's family and didn't want to overstay. I will never forget any detail of that event. Date, time, place, people present (the Bible teacher and his wife).

The next day, in my excitement and joy, I was telling my office colleagues (Hindu, Muslim, and a few Roman Catholics) that Jesus had saved me from sin and self. They thought I was crazy. At the end of the year, the time of the company's annual assessment, the Chief Executive noted that, when I talked about being saved, he thought I had lost my mind. But during the next almost 9 months, he noticed that I had gained in strength, my work had gained in quality and efficiency. One Sikh colleague (Sikhism is one of the religions of India) said, "You've touched something real and wonderful, Cossy. Don't ever lose it." Praise God, I know I'll never lose it. He that hath begun a good work in me will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

What did you do?: Repent and confess my sins. Believe in Jesus and confess my faith in Him. The Bible is the infallible Word of God.

Cossie wrote that he has read and read the Authorized King James Version. He believes in the pre - tribulation Rapture and that Jesus will rule during the 1000 year Millennium with His raptured church. He believes the beast is a government and a person and that the Mark 666 is literal in the flesh. The Mystery Babylon is the apostate Christian church. God bless Cossie and welcome into the Bride of Christ Jesus.